Switzerland Catholic

According to a 2018 study, approximately 38.6% of the population in Switzerland identifies as Catholic. This makes Catholicism the largest religious denomination in the country. However, the percentage of Catholic citizens has been declining in recent years, with a rise in the number of people who identify as non-religious or unaffiliated. Some popular destinations for Catholics in Switzerland include the Cathedral of St. Nicholas in Fribourg, the Abbey of Einsiedeln in Einsiedeln, and the Notre-Dame Cathedral in Lausanne. Many also visit the Basilica of Notre-Dame in Geneva, which is known for its beautiful stained glass windows. Additionally, there are numerous pilgrimage sites throughout the country, such as the Shrine of Our Lady of the Hermits in Canton of Schwyz and the Sanctuary of Maria Stein in Solothurn. Switzerland is home to several famous landmarks, including the Matterhorn, the Jungfrau region, and the Rhine Falls. These landmarks hold cultural, historical, and natural significance, attracting millions of visitors each year. The Matterhorn, with its distinct pyramid shape, is a symbol of Swiss national identity and is a popular destination for hikers and mountaineers. The Jungfrau region, known for its stunning alpine scenery, is a UNESCO World Heritage Site and offers activities such as skiing and hiking. The Rhine Falls, located on the border with Germany, is the largest waterfall in Europe and is a popular tourist attraction with boat tours and viewing platforms. Join Catholic people today and find single Catholics and love ?❤️