The adventures of a Catholic single in Pittsburgh looking for love❤️

I moved to Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania from a smaller town just about 2 hours away, up in the Conemaugh River Valley, called Johnstown.  Johnstown was great when I was growing up, filled with tons of friendly Catholic families. 

It was your classic immigrant steel-mill town–with a bar and a church on every block. It had once been a booming steel town, but it is now becoming a quieter place, and not that many young people are still living there.  

The Big Move to Pittsburgh…
I moved to Pittsburgh for my job, but I also moved to “the big city” to find a more active social life for a single person like myself, specifically a Catholic single.  It was scary, but exciting.

At first, I met lots of great new people in my new parish.  But I felt like I wasn’t getting out into Pittsburgh enough.  Here I had moved from a town where everyone knew each other, only to find myself in a similar situation, getting too heavily involved in my parish, and missing the new things that Pittsburgh had to offer.

What I needed was to make some new friends who could introduce me to the city.  And, I admit it, I wanted to make friends who were single, and Catholic, because I was a single woman and ready to start dating.  But where was I to find fellow single Catholics in Pittsburgh outside of my local parish?

Where Could I Find Single Catholics in Pittsburgh?
That is when I tried  I could search for fellow single Catholics in my own city, and instantly start meeting people who shared similar beliefs and convictions.   

Now, I know, it is good to have a diverse social network.  But I had plenty of non-Catholic friends through work and through people I met at the gym, but what I really needed was to make that Catholic single connection in Pittsburgh.

Once I started using, I made all sorts of new connections.  And I met one fellow Catholic single who was special- Michael, my now-fiance. Sometimes we go to mass at his church, sometimes we go to mine, and we have the entire city of Pittburgh as our playground.

Michael has introduced me to all the great treats of Pittsburgh. I tasted my first sushi at Nakama, a romantic Japanese steakhouse, and we catch great jazz shows at the famous Club Cafe.  We love to spend Saturday mornings exploring the trendy and exotic shops of the Strip District.  And I got to see an entire museum dedicated to Andy Warhol! Pittsburgh is a wonderful metropolitan city, made even more wonderful by my relationship with Michael. I could never have met Michael without  I also wouldn’t have really “met” Pittsburgh, either.  I wouldn’t have known where to go, where to start.  But helped me find a new life, and a new love, with a fellow Catholic single in a city as big and diverse, and beautiful, as Pittsburgh