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Successful Catholic dating online. Here at, we want to provide our users with all the resources they need to start meaningful relationships that may blossom into something more. With this in mind, we have come up with a few things every single Catholic should know to increase the happiness of their dating lives. These Catholic dating online hints and tips were submitted by our subscribers, so we know they work. Good luck in your endeavors and God bless. Faith People have varying degrees of faith, you should be aware of this when discussing religion-based topics. Your date may or may not enjoy talking about some of the theological ideas you have, so be sensitive to their faith. If you feel as though things are not going as well as you like, try changing the topic, or even better, ask for their opinions. This way, you know their views, and can feel more comfortable discussing your thoughts without it sounding like a lecture. Honesty The best way to have great conversation with your companion is to talk about what you know. Do not pretend to be an expert on something you are not familiar with. You are giving your date a false impression of you, which is never a good thing, especially when your relationship could be founded on a false view, which is not a good way to begin your Catholic dating life. Always give your date “you”, that is, be yourself and talk about things you are familiar with. It will give your date the chance to make an honest decision about you, which is how the best relationships start out. Feel free to ask questions to your date about their interests, and you may find something in common that could be used to have a second date, such as a sporting event or dinner at a restaurant that you have both been wanting to try out. Pressure
The biggest source of an uncomfortable time during a date is when someone is pressuring the other. This could be asking for another date, something to eat, a movie to see, etc.. It is never a good way to get what you want. If you would like to see a specific movie, suggest it, and if your date has a different thought, possibly offer to see their movie in exchange for seeing yours at a later date. This allows for a second date, almost guaranteed as long as your date shares the same interests. Just remember to be yourself and you will feel more comfortable during your date, and find greater success in Catholic dating. The Golden Rule – The Key to Catholic Dating
If you are unfamiliar with this rule, it is “Treat Others As You Would Want to be Treated”, and is probably the most important thing to keep in mind when you are looking for a lasting relationship. You want somebody with the same interests as yourself, and the best way to find somebody like this is to treat them as you treat yourself. If you are compatible, it will show rather quickly, and you can start enjoying Catholic dating more.This relates to the following tip, as you do not want to treat somebody differently, as it could lead to compatibility problems once you become closer as a couple. So, always treat your date as you would treat yourself, and you will find a meaningful relationship with all the qualities in a companion that you are looking for. Don’t Force a Relationship If you really like your companion, but don’t think they feel the same way, it is very important to talk to them about how you are feeling. You should not have to make a relationship to work by changing yourself or being somebody you are not. If the relationship was meant to last, it will last and you should not have to be untrue to yourself. Many people try to make a relationship improve by changing their opinions or views on a topic so their significant other will accept them. This is not a good way to start out Catholic dating, and you should definately discuss your feelings as a couple to see where you both stand. There is someone out there for you, if it’s not your current mate, you may need to find someone who better fits you. We would like to thank everyone who sends us their dating hints and tips, as it makes our couples happier and helps others succeed in Catholic dating. We all hope to find that special someone, and our goal is to make the dating process easier and more friendly. Thank you again for choosing for your Catholic dating needs.