Catholic singles looking for love❤️

Are you an active, Catholic single looking for love in all the wrong places? Part of the problem is that you are “looking” at all. Most of your married friends will tell you, they met the loves of their lives when they least expected it. It’s time to stop looking and start dating!

Engaging in meaningful activities through your church, parish, or local chapter of Catholic Charities will bring nothing but good to the world and into your heart. Helping others makes you forget to be always on the lookout for a soul mate, and directs your energy towards creating lifetime friendships through our Catholic dating service.

You’re probably thinking, “Great. I’d love to help, but how’s that going to affect my love life? I’m already so busy!” When you’re involved in service activities, you’re never involved alone. Apart from the lives you touch with your work, you’ll meet other Catholic singles who share your commitment to the Church’s teachings and devotion to the spiritual values in the core of your being.

You may also be thinking, “Dating service doesn’t guarantee love.” But you would be tragically wrong. God’s love infuses our lives with meaning, and guides our will to help our neighbors; wherever God’s love abides, you cannot lack for care.

Living as a Catholic single, you have many opportunities to engage in fellowship and service with others. Your chances of meeting a special Catholic friend or future Catholic spouse while serving your community are much better than they are at a club or bookstore–when you’re passionate about your principles, you’re bound to meet like-minded individuals. Undoubtedly, your chances of making a difference in someone’s life, whatever shape that may take, are one hundred percent.