Catholic singles dating groups looking for love and marriage

Looking to be part of a Catholic singles group, but don’t know where to start? Do you begin finding excuses not to attend before you can even work up the courage to participate? If so, you are not alone–so why not venture out on a limb without traveling too far outside your comfort zone!

It’s easier than you may think to start your own Catholic singles group. What better way to socialize with people who share your core values than to group them together yourself and start turning singles . . . into couples. Here are some activity ideas for launching a Catholic singles group in your local church or parish:

The Catholic Singles Group Sunday Brunch. Whether you’re an early riser or roll out of bed in time to catch 11.00 Mass, setting up a singles brunch is the perfect way to meet and make Catholic friends. Breaking bread together is a wonderful way to hatch conversation, especially when it follows a service all the singles have attended. You never know where talking about Father Miller’s homily will take you . . . and in the comfortable setting of meal, the whole group can relax and start the week with some new connections.

Dinner and a Movie With Your Catholic Singles Group.  No, it’s not your traditional first date! Remember, a Catholic singles group emphasizes activities that include everyone and inspires them to create bonds that last a lifetime. So, instead of limiting your group to a meal alone, how about planning a “first date” for all of the singles together! Choose a meeting place convenient to everyone, such as a local coffee shop or perhaps your church hall. Come prepared with a list of movies and times from the paper or the Internet, and allow the singles to decide as a group on which movie they’d like to see. Then, schedule a dinner for everyone at a nearby restaurant before or after the movie. A first date never felt so easy! No sweaty palms this night; just friendship and fellowship

Catholic Singles Group Game Night.  Game night is a fun and exciting way for your Catholic singles group to get to know its members. Hold the first game night at your house, and rotate hosts every other week or on a designated day each month. It’s important to have enough games to allow every sort of personality to shine–Trivial Pursuit for the brainy buffs, Taboo for the talkers, and Monopoly for the mathematicians. Remember, variety is the spice of life! Playing games engages a singles group in a fun activity that also explores its members’ hidden talents. Who knew Mary Lou could sing so well? Maybe Michael noticed!

Volunteer As A Catholic Singles Group.  Volunteering together as a Catholic singles group could be one of the most rewarding and exhilarating activities of its members’ lives. To organize your Catholic singles group into a volunteering team, check with your local chapter of Catholic Charities, or investigate other nonprofit organizations for group activities, such as Habitat for Humanity. Whether it’s feeding the hungry or building a house, helping the needy is a fundamental Catholic value. In a group of Catholic singles, conducting acts of goodness for the needy will create stronger ties than ever.

Catholic singles groups all across America devote themselves to myriad activities, from softball to Sunday school. They all share one ideal, though, and that is to unite the hearts and spirits of devoted singles under the protective arms of God’s love.