Catholic single date meeting finding love❤️

A close friend lends a helping hand..
I prayed to God for help in finding me a companion, and one Thursday evening, that help arrived in the form of my friend Matthew. He was having the same problems as myself, and mentioned how he had found great success through online dating. He mentioned a few different services, but that one in particular catered to Catholic singles. That night I checked out and signed up with

I created my profile and started talking with some of the members. It was great to know that I was able to find so many Catholic singles with the same interests as myself. Within a week I had made many new friends, and I actually met with a few of them for coffee and light conversation. One of them in particular, Natalie, struck me immediately as a person I would like to date more often.

Finding success through online dating
Through the confidence I received using, I had gathered enough courage to ask Natalie on a date. I was very excited when she had accepted my offer and we felt that a simple dinner and conversation would be a great way to get to know each other. We decided on a time and place, and I immediately called up Matthew to tell him the good news.

Since our first date, Natalie and I have fallen in love with each other and could not be happier. Thanks to, our lives are blessed and we have been given the gift of lasting companionship. I thank God every day for bringing Natalie into my life. It is truly something special to know you have found your soul mate.