California Catholic singles dating looking for love❤️

Where does a California Catholic single start? When I moved from Houston to SanFrancisco last year, I experienced total culture shock! I always thought that everything was bigger in Texas . . . until I moved to California and started dating.

As a newly adjusted California Catholic single, I didn’t know where to begin–over 33% of Californians are Catholics–and San Francisco alone has over 100 Catholic churches! I realized that being a California Catholic single wasn’t as easy as it had been back in the Bayou City.

Adapting to California’s new climates, cultural and physical, has been a challenge, but since I met my beloved, it’s all become easier. Mark showed me the mountains, the beaches, and the arts and food scene that I never would have enjoyed discovering so much on my own. He knew what it was like to be a California Catholic single much better than I did, and thanks to him, we’re now destined to journey from the sorrows of singledom to the sacrament of matrimony!

Being a California Catholic single was definitely not all bad; after all, I met Mark though my local parish, volunteering for Catholic Charities. But being a California Catholic single is not about searching for a soul mate–it’s about spreading God’s love through service, faith, and your shared values with other Catholics

With over one third of Californians being Catholic, a California Catholic single can’t help but find opportunities to practice their faith, serve her parish, and meet other Catholic singles who share their spiritual beliefs.