Don’t be shy to say ‘Thank You’ and Show Unconditional Love

Expressing gratitude to one’s partner can improve a relationship. Mindless or autopilot thank you may not help it. After a significant time of being together, people start to say ‘I love you’ a lot less. But those words should not be empty. Many people say I love you but don’t act likewise. Pay attention to the words and phrases mostly considered little. Most often, we just don’t notice their implications but their implications are huge.

Say I’ve been thinking of you. Say what you admire about them. Say you miss them. Comfort them. Assure them that you listen to them, that you think about them, that you pay attention to them. Thank your partner. Tell them you love them. But don’t press them to say they love you in return. If they feel the emotion, they will speak the emotion, and If your partner is ill, you don’t need to have them ask you for help. If they are sad, don’t make them ask for your hug, unconditional love me spontaneous hugs and kisses.

If they are excited, be excited for them. Openly communicating with your loved ones brings everyone closer together. Refrain from expressing bad or vulgar jokes towards your partner or anyone else, feelings get hurt. Are you the type of person to bury your emotions within yourself and cook the stew for the never-ending? Communicate honestly. Don’t hide your emotions or ignore how they feel about you, communication is the key to a healthy and happy relationship.

Don’t be shy or afraid to say I love you. Don’t be afraid to act silly; laughter is the best medicine for sadness. Being silly ignites the youth of everlasting happiness within you to share with your beloved. Embrace each other as human beings were meant to embrace one another. God’s plan is to spread eternal love within you hearts to spread within your household and throughout the world. Love, a gentle beginning of a warm smile; a caring sound, a passionate hug to an everlasting life.


Dating Community Guidelines For People To Have Safer Online Experiences

We are always keen on making a safe space for singles, widows and divorcees. We always want to see our members have a wonderful experience. So, to ensure that experience, we take many necessary precautions:

  • You must be at least 18 years old to be able to use this site.
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  • Members should upload their clear images which must have their own face for their profile picture.
  • Report any account that is not being respectful to you and your privacy. We strictly take any kind of harassment reports seriously.
  • Any member breaking these rules will be warned and if necessary, banned.

We diligently monitor the video and audio content uploaded by members before being approved and published.

If you are harassed by any account, please report to us. We will investigate it and take necessary actions.

Tips for our users to be safe.

  • Do not share your personal details to other online accounts.
  • On a first date, always choose public places.
  • Inform your friends who and where you are going to meet.
  • Don’t be intoxicated on your date.
  • Do a quick search of the person on social media.