Mary and Joseph

Any Catholic singles who are looking for an example of a good strong Catholic relationship need look no further than the marriage of Jesus Christ’s earthly parents, Mary and Joseph. The first sign of how strong the marriage bond was between Mary and Joseph is the simple fact that God entrusted Mary and Joseph with the responsibility and blessing of birthing and raising His own Son, Jesus Christ.

Mary was of the royal line of the tribe of Judah as a descendant of David.Somewhere around the fourth century BC, Mary was unmarried, living in Nazareth, and betrothed (engaged) to Joseph. Soon thereafter “the angel Gabriel came to her with a message from God, and announced to her that she was to be the mother of the long-expected Messiah” (Luke 1:26-35). Now this put Mary in a rather complicated place. Here she was, betrothed to Joseph and suddenly she is pregnant!

Joseph was a carpenter, and by all accounts an honorable and humble man who was extremely faithful in his Israelite religious observance (Luke 2:21-24, 41). When he first heard about Mary’s pregnancy, Joseph assumed Mary had been unfaithful to him. But instead of making a huge public scene and embarassing Mary and her family, Joseph was planning on breaking their betrothal privately (Matthew 1:18-19). But once Joseph understood the truth about Mary as told to him by an angel (Matthew 1:18-25), he took Mary with him and treated her very gently in her time of need (Luke 2:1-7). Yes, when Joseph discovered Mary was pregnant with the Holy Child, he took her as his wife.

During and after the birth of Jesus Mary and Joseph were very poor and did not have an easy life. Yet they stayed together and supported one another and Jesus. When Herod wanted to kill Jesus after his birth Joseph took Mary and jesus to Egypt to hide until Herod’s death. It is assumed that Joseph died around Jesus’12th birthday, as that is the last mention of shim in the scriptures.

Mary stayed faithful to Joseph and Jesus, and was there standing near the feet of Jesus as He was crucified.Mary and Joseph are a wonderful example of a couple that stood together through pain, poverty, and all manner of crises to provide a strong family for the son of God, Jesus Christ

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