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For single catholic people in America, finding a significant other can be amazingly difficult. Unlike 50 years ago, when single catholic men would brazenly approach single catholic women that they were attracted to and ask them out on dates, people are more reserved. It is less likely that a single catholic guy will walk up to a single girl and ask her out on the spot. Perhaps it was the feminist movement that changed the social landscape this way, or perhaps it was just something that was phased out for no specific reason. What is a fact, however, is that there are millions of single people in this country, looking to meet somebody they can eventually marry.

One of the best places for single people to meet other single people is online. In 2002, a study showed that 44 percent of Americans thought that single people have a better chance of finding a partner online than in a bar for singles (do those even exist any more?). By the middle of 2003, more than 37 million single people admitted to using an online dating services each month. In fact, the study concluded by saying that “the Internet online singles dating industry has doubled each twelve months for the past 3 years (ie: to mid 2003) and is expected to remain at this growth level for the foreseeable future”.

So, lots of single catholic people are relying on Internet dating services to hook them up with potential mates. What this translates to, in practical terms, is that there is not the social stigma associated with using online dating services like there used to be. In fact, nowadays people are not ashamed at all to say that they met their spouses online.

The trick that single catholic people need to keep in mind as they go about their business meeting people from online dating websites is that they need to be aware of where they are meeting people. If you meet a guy at a bar, do not be surprised to see that a year later he is a raging alcoholic. However, if you meet somebody in church, the story is entirely different. Speaking of churches, one of the best online dating services around for single people is Created by Catholics for Catholic single people to use, there are lots of great members online every day. If you are interested in meeting good Catholic people to date, go to today!


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