Catholic Single Girl

Being a single Catholic girl in today’s America can be rough. How do you make that all important first single connection with a potential Prince Charming? You don’t want to come across as too sexy or easy. But you don’t want to be a wallflower, either! Flirting can seem silly or scary, but in reality, it is all about subtle, almost natural moves that can make you, and any fella, feel at ease. Once you are at ease, the conversation starts flowing, and the sparks may fly! Being is Catholic Single Girl is Great.

Flirting Single Catholic Tip #1:

Your parents probably taught you this one a long time ago, and making eye contact is just as important in flirting as it is in greeting Father Nolan on Sunday or shaking hands with your boss. Your eyes are your most expressive feature, windows into your soul, and the single Catholic girl should know how to use them. So, when you see someone you are interested in, let him know by catching his attention. Give him a subtle, gentle smile for five to six seconds, then drop your gaze. Do this every few minutes and he will know that it is definitely him you are looking at, and that you are definitely flirting with him. Eye contact, especially at a party shows that you are single and interested!

Flirting Single Catholic Tip #2: Smile!

Your second greatest physical asset, other than your eyes, is your smile. A happy smile is friendly, inviting, and memorable. It makes you attractive and approachable. Just make sure it is natural-looking and not forced. A big, natural smile will show that you are having a good time

Flirting Single Catholic Tip #3: Luscious Lips

You don’t have to lock lips with someone to make them notice your kisser. People are attracted to moist, full lips because they are a sign of fertility. As a single Catholic girl, you can vamp it up with some rich, red lipstick or, for a subtler look, a high-shine lips gloss can make your lips look moist and attractive.

Flirting Single Catholic Tip #4:

Touching or flipping your hair will draw attention to a beautiful, pure part of yourself than men have always found alluring. A single Catholic girl knows how to twist, twirl, flip, and shake her gorgeous mane in a girlish, yet not immature, way that will make men notice. Keep their eyes near your face and eyes and away from any inappropriate glances.

Flirting Single Catholic Tip #5: The Arm Touch

You know that electric feeling that sends tingles up your spine whenever your hand brushes against someone you like? Well, as a single catholic girl you can use that tingle to your advantage by purposely creating that intimate and exciting moment of contact by occasionally reaching out and touching the inside of a man’s arm. Don’t grab, don’t hit, just let your fingers lightly graze his forearm as you laugh or excitedly tell a story. The seemingly casual contact will show that you are reaching out and are comfortable with him.

Flirting Single Catholic Tip #6: Nice Boys Like Nice Girls

Every good Catholic single girl knows the Golden Rule: “Do unto others as you would have done unto you’. If you are single and are approached by a man you find unattractive, unkind, or simply offensive, do not rudely brush him aside or insult him to his face. No smart single woman should ever treat a man that way, no matter how repulsive. Other men, men who might be more attractive and suitable, could be watching, and if they see you mistreat someone, they may not want to risk suffering similar rude rejection.Always treat others as you would like to be treated.

Flirting Single Catholic Tip #7: Get A Little Help From Your Friends

Being single does not mean you are all alone out there. Not only do you have the Catholic community supporting you, but you have all of your friends on your side too. Get a few of your buddies to help you out. When you go out, have some of your girl friends help you observe. They may be able to spot a guy who is shyly checking you out before you can.

Flirting Single Catholic Tip #8: But Don’t Become a Girl Gang, Either

Large circles of single women intimidate men, Catholic and non-Catholic alike. A single guy might be afraid to approach you for fear of being rejected in front of all of your friends. So, every now and then, you and your girls should break up and move around on your own a bit. Just take a quick spin, or go up to the bar to get your Coke as a single (read: not part of a gang) girl. Make yourself approachable (your girls can still be watching from across the room) and see what happens! If you follow these tips, and if you show the world that you are confident, happy, and secure, you won’t be a single Catholic girl for long!


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